spring is here!

September 8, 2009

yup…spring is here and the birds are chirping! lets hope september is a productive one. ive updated my tattoo page with some new work. check it out 😛

melbourne is great! its dense…its organic…its got too many junctions and traffic lights…but its been great. met up with mick squires >> http://www.micksquires.com and also got tattooed by him. cant wait to get back and do more work!


August 2, 2009

i am off to melbourne for the week. i hope i don’t catch the flu over there.


July 26, 2009

finally got my domain name set up…couldnt get a dotcom cos some cunt took it…so dotnet is fine i guess. rockin…

some new work

July 23, 2009

its been a quiet week, but ive had some work done nonetheless, check out some new work in my tattoos and paintings gallery. cheers!


July 17, 2009

ive managed to play around with the CSS shit…and customized some stuff…so there…hahhahha…its done…im happy 🙂

day 02

July 17, 2009

its day 2 with my new site, im still fidgeting around, getting to know how stuff works in here…tweaking and adding stuff…i need to learn this CSS shit!

welcome to my new site!

July 16, 2009

thanks to Carol and wordpress, i can now showcase my portfolio at almost no cost! this will be my official site for now. ill be updating constantly and looking to add more pages with more content.