My name is Julian Oh, I did my first tattoo in August of 2008, and have been tattooing full time since. I began my apprenticeship in Blackcat Tattoos back in Malaysia. The idea of art on skin has always intrigued me since I started collecting work on myself some 5 years ago. It was only when I picked up a machine and attempted one on myself that I knew I wanted to take this interest to a whole new level. The tattoo world is ever evolving with different styles, approaches, ideas and I’m influenced by magnificent individuals like Nick Baxter, Nathan Kostechko, Jeff Gogue, Jeff Esminger, and the likes that constantly push boundaries of what they are great at.

Before tattooing, I’ve had a 6-year career path in print based graphic design, motion graphics, live-action directing and compositing and I still take these with me in my work today. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few of the most passionate and energetic individuals in the field, and they have enriched my life in more than many ways. During my 2 year stint in Huevisualab, I’ve earned award winning work for clients like AXN, Disney, Astro and more. I also hold a Gold Promax World Award, Silver Promax Asia Award, and a Malaysian Music Industry Awards nomination for my work on Animax-Pupil music video, Animax Le-Chevalier Deon, and Ash music video respectively.

Till today, regardless of which industry I’m in, I take that same amount of passion and energy in what I do, and constantly strive to improve. I take  the little things in life a day at a time, making the best out of it and enjoying it as it comes, and tattooing has enforced that for me. I enjoy the idea of  little goals set each day which accumulates to a big result at the end of the day. Tattooing has also taught me patience and if you persevere, the results will show.

Please reach me at:

p | +6 4210 2244805

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